• Character design
  • Narrative writing for animation
  • Storyboarding / pacing
  • Timing to music
  • Keyframing

I am interested in producing creative projects with YOU. If you're like me, then cartoons are everything. You ever leave a fight and not do anything? But as you walk away you imagine an anvil or piano smashing their faces? That's how my mind works! Like a cartoon! And I want to work with YOU.

Let's do business.


  • LAMP Stack PHP/MySQL/Apache
  • API design using RAML (open sourced)
  • Backend: Symfony/Doctrine, Zend, Slim/ActiveRecord
  • Frontend: jQuery/Backbone/Angular/Greensock/React
  • AWS: EC2, SWF, Redshift, DynamoDb
  • Python, Node
  • Responsive web design

I made this god damn website. I work fulltime as a senior web engineer, but I enjoy helping the people out with my cyberwebbing and create-o skills. I have worked with non-profits, artists, musicians, educational organizations, and others, in the service of freelance web design and development.

Let's do business.

#cybernet links

Leslie Knope’s open letter to America following the 2016 Election
What would Leslie Knope do? NOTE: This is reprinted from Yahoo!, where it originally appeared today, thanks to a former writer for NBC's Parks and Recreation. ...

The Tom Hanks Film 'A Hologram for the King' Had An Inventive Cartoon Sequence That Was Cut
“Basically my cell phone rang and Tom Tykwer was on the phone and asked me if I could come to Berlin as soon as possible,” Swiczinsky told Cartoon Brew. ...

Ketchup sandwich? Only if it’s from India
Twenty-three million people ride India’s train system every day, sardine packing themselves into tiny train cars—and sometimes hanging off the sides—to traverse the subcontinent in the antithesis of style and comfort. ...

Will somebody please give Norm Macdonald another TV show?
LOS ANGELES — Norm Macdonald has just unwrapped his first Klondike bar when he mentions the Chris Rock show. Turns out he has a chance to appear at a surprise gig at the nearby Comedy Store that also includes Louis C.K. and Dave Chappelle. Wouldn’t performing in L.A. ...

The Way Milt Kahl Draws
When you watch Milt draw some of his characters at the end of his episode from The Disney Family Album series you can't help but feel his intense concentration. He was interviewed and filmed in 1984 at home in his Condo, just north of San Francisco in Marin County. ...

Why mastery matters and creatives should stretch themselves
Being creative makes us happy – that’s true – but not just because we just enjoy dreaming up new ideas and having flights of fancy. ...

Vibrant Oil Paintings of Scottish Landscapes by Scott Naismithby Christopher Jobson on July 1, 2016
Working with thick brushes and palette knives, artist Scott Naismith carefully reveals the interplay of light and clouds over his native Scotland. The Glasgow-based painter travels the country extensively, drawing inspiration from the glens, lochs, and islands of the West coast in particular. ...

Found: The rejected Simpsons script Conan O’Brien wrote for Prince
Back in September 1991, The Simpsons kicked off its third season with a memorable episode entitled “Stark Raving Dad,” in which hapless patriarch Homer is shipped off to an insane asylum, where he meets Leon Kompowsky, a beefy fellow inmate who believes himself to be pop superstar Michael Jackso ...

Nation Too Sad To Fuck Even Though It’s What Prince Would Have Wanted
CHANHASSEN, MN—After hearing the shocking news of the iconic pop star’s unexpected death, the U.S. populace reported Thursday that it was simply too sad to fuck, even though they knew it was what Prince would have wanted. ...

Animation style guides for your favorite TV shows are extremely cool
The magic of animation has been somewhat simplified with the growing slate of software and hardware built specifically to beam anything you can draw or click to life with a mouse into a computer. ...


I'm located in NYC, here's how you can find me:


Let's do business.